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xadd - tool for adding database items

xadd adds platform and application records to the BOINC database. Information is read from an XML file project.xml in the project's root directory. Run xadd from the project root directory, i.e.:

cd ~/projects/project_name

The contents of project.xml should look like this:

        [ <min_version>N</min_version> ]
        [ <homogeneous_redundancy>0|1</homogeneous_redundancy> ]
        [ <weight>X</weight> ]
        [ <beta>1</beta> ]
        <user_friendly_name>Mac OS X</user_friendly_name>

xadd only adds new entries; entries that conflict with existing entries are ignored. To modify or remove existing entries, you must edit the database directly with SQL. To release new versions of applications already on the database, use update_versions.