Help Translate BOINC With the Worldwide Lexicon Project

BOINC has joined the Worldwide Lexicon Project. The Worldwide Lexicon (WWL) is a free, open source project whose goal is to translate the world's websites and blogs. It is easy to participate, and it's fun. Here's how it works. WWL watches our RSS feeds (any website with an RSS feed can join). The system creates wiki pages for each new translation. You can contribute and edit translations for over 60 languages. So if you speak Croatian, help translate BOINC project news (and any other site you follow) so your peers can share it.

To view or contribute translations, go to You'll see a list of sites. Beneath each is a list of 2 or 3 letter language codes (for example, Spanish is ES). If a code is red, this means other users have posted translations. When you click on a language code, you'll see a list of articles, or will be asked to translate the website's title if no translations have been posted yet. When you click on an article, you'll go to a wiki-style editing form where you can view and edit translations. The translations are re-published as HTML and RSS. The demo will be changing frequently as the project adds more features, but the overall process should remain the same.

BOINC is joining several other high profile sites in the pilot test, including Howard Rheingold's Smart Mobs, O'Reilly Radar, Make Magazine, and I Love Tab (a worldwide source of information about the TAB cola, and its hardcore fans). So if you speak other languages, please join our test, and spread the word to other websites that should be published in other languages.

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