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The 2nd day of the BOINC workshop will be a "hackfest", in which we divide into groups and get something useful done. Possible activities include:

  • design something
  • write code
  • get existing software to work
  • write or improve documentation.

Each group will have a coordinator, who will define the goals and prepare resources.

Workshop attendees: please register for one or more hackfest groups by editing this page. If you don't see a group that interests you, create one.

If you don't participate in a group, you'll have nothing to do on the 2nd day of the workshop.

Possible Hackfest groups

Here are some possible groups. I have filled in names of possible coordinators; this is completely flexible.

Multi-user projects, bags of task, and remote job submission

Goal: complete the design of BOINC's proposed features for remote job submission and multi-user projects. Review existing systems, possibly incorporating their features. Implement something if time permits.

Coordinator: David Anderson


Advance preparation:

BOINC on Ubuntu

Goal: bring the BOINC client for Ubuntu up to the same standard as the Windows and Mac versions. In particular:

  • One-click installation
  • Client start at boot time
  • Screensaver
  • User activity detection

Coordinator: Steffen Moeller?


VM apps

Goal: Create a "cookbook" for deploying virtual machine apps.

Coordinator: Rom Walton?


OpenCL apps

Goal: Create a "cookbook" for deploying OpenCL apps.

Coordinator: Bernd Machenschalk?

BOINC on Android


  • Learn how to set up a development environment for Android
  • Complete the design of the BOINC client for Android; implement some part of it
  • Create a cookbook for developing an app version for ARM/Android.

Coordinator: Carl Christensen(?)



(Attic is a peer-to-peer file distribution system designed for volunteer computing systems).


  • Complete the design of BOINC support for Attic.
  • Creating a working demo of a project that uses Attic
  • Document this in cookbook form

Coordinator: Ian Kelley?


PHP hack session / website improvement


  • Find a new design/usage concept for the general webpages
  • Discuss tools to document/visualize php source code (present/discuss/find tools everyone can use)
  • Collect ideas to design an API to plug other websites into the BOINC framework (or vice versa)
  • make more pages translateable
  • general bug hunting and code hardening

Coordinator: Christian Beer