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The 2nd day of the BOINC workshop will be a "hackfest", in which we divide into groups and either write code, design something, try to get existing software to work, or write or improve documentation.

All attendees should come with one or more hackfest goals in mind. Otherwise you will have nothing to do on the second day.

Possible hackfest goals include:

  • Features related to multi-user projects, bag-of-task scheduling, and remote job submission
  • Bring BOINC up to speed on Ubuntu
    • One-click installation
    • Client started at boot time
    • Screensaver
  • Create a "cookbook" for deploying virtual machine apps
  • Create a "cookbook" for deploying OpenCL apps
  • Design BOINC for Android, and implement some part of it
  • Get a demo of Attic (P2P file distribution) working