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Web-based job submission

This involves developing web pages, run on your BOINC server, for submitting jobs. These pages are application-specific, since the way that users specify parameters and input files depends on the application.

These scripts are best implemented in PHP. BOINC provides a large set of PHP APIs for accessing the BOINC database, staging files, and so on.

These scripts will typically use BOINC PHP code for various purposes:

  • inc/ utility functions
  • inc/ access to BOINC database
  • inc/ access to job-submissions parts of BOINC database
  • inc/ job submission utility functions

Authorizing requests

Job-submissions scripts must check that the user is allowed to submit jobs. You can do this as follows:

$user = get_logged_in_user();
$user_submit = BoincUserSubmit::lookup_userid($user->id);
if (!$user_submit) error_page("no submit access");
$app = BoincApp::lookup("name='lammps'");
if (!$app) error_page("no lammps app");
if (!$user_submit->submit_all) {
    $usa = BoincUserSubmitApp::lookup("user_id=$user->id and app_id=$app->id");
    if (!$usa) {
        error_page("no submit access");

Creating batches and jobs

You can create a batch as follows:

$batch_id = BoincBatch::insert(
    "(user_id, create_time, njobs, name, app_id, state)
    values ($user->id, $now, $njobs, '$batch_name', $app->id, ".BATCH_STATE_IN_PROGRESS.")"

Create jobs using the create_work script.