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Web Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs)

BOINC projects export a number of Web RPCs for creating, querying and updating accounts and host records, and miscellaneous other purposes. These can be used for account management systems and credit statistics web sites.

BOINC's RPC mechanisms have the following conventions:

  • Each RPC is an HTTP GET transaction.
  • The input is the GET arguments, i.e. a string of the form

where param1 ... paramN are the parameter names, and val1 ... valn are the values. Parameter values must be URL-encoded (for example, using PHP's urlencode function).

  • The output is XML.
  • If the project's get_project_config.php file includes a <rpc_prefix> element, its content should be used as the URL prefix; otherwise use the project's master URL.
  • Optional values are shown enclosed in square brackets.
  • If an RPC fails, the returned XML document is

where N is a BOINC error number and xxx is a textual description. BOINC error numbers are in lib/error_numbers.h; common errors are:

Generic error (error_string may have more info)
Invalid XML (e.g., the preferences passed to am_set_info.php are invalid)
Item not found in database (bad ID of any sort, or ID refers to an item not owned by the caller)
Name is not unique (Can't create account because email address already in use, or can't create team because name is in use)
Can't access database (treat same as -183)
Item not found (deprecated; treat same as -136)
Project is temporarily down
Email address has invalid syntax
Wrong password
Non-unique email address (treat same as -137)
Account creation disabled

Project configuration



This file is created by make_project, and in most cases you don't have to change it.

This document has this structure:

    <name>Project name</name>
    [ <local_revision>12345</local_revision> ]
    [ <web_stopped>0|1</web_stopped> ]
    [ <account_creation_disabled/> ]
    [ <client_account_creation_disabled/> ]
    [ <min_passwd_length>N</min_passwd_length> ]
    [ <account_manager/> ]
    [ <uses_username/> ]
    [ <rpc_prefix>URL</rpc_prefix> ]
    [ <error_num>N</error_num> ]
          <user_friendly_name>Mac OS X (Intel)</user_friendly_name>
    [ <sched_stopped>0|1</sched_stopped> ]
        [ <p_fpops>N</p_fpops> ]
        [ <p_iops>N</p_iops> ]
        [ <p_membw>N</p_membw> ]
        [ <m_nbytes>N</m_nbytes> ]
        [ <m_swap>N</m_swap> ]
        [ <d_free>N</d_free> ]
        [ <bwup>N</bwup> ]
        [ <bwdown>N</bwdown> ]

The elements are:

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