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Unix client package layout

The purpose of this page is to describe the layout of files for installation of the BOINC client software on Unix machines. It is desirable, as much as is possible, to keep things the same so that volunteers who are not Unix experts can still understand what is what and what is where an ask questions, without having to get into specifics of which distro they are using.

Items we need to specify:

  • working directory
  • executable files
  • init script to start/stop daemon
  • config file read by the init script
  • Unix 'man' pages
  • bash command completion script
  • config files of the core client (cc_config.xml, remote_hosts.cfg, etc.) - Debian for example puts these in /etc/boinc-client/ and has appropriate symlinks in the working directory [WHY? -EAM]

(what else?)