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Quick start

Want to see BOINC in action as fast as possible?

  • Run the BOINC virtual server in a VMWare player. Set up its IP address, say a.b.c.d.
  • Logged into the server as 'boincadm', create a test project:
    $ cd ~/boinc/tools
    $ ./make_project --test_app test
    $ cd ~/projects/test
    $ su -c 'cat test.httpd.conf >> /etc/apache2/httpd.conf'
    $ su -c 'apache2ctl -k restart'
    $ crontab test.cronjob
    $ ./bin/xadd
    $ ./bin/update_versions
    $ ./bin/start

Your BOINC client will immediately being fetching and executing jobs from the server. You can repeat this on as many clients as you want.

In a web browser, visit http://a.b.c.d/test. You will see your project's web site. You can log in (using the same email/password) and access your volunteer account information.