Prioritizing jobs in a multi-user project

By default, BOINC processes jobs in a roughly first-in, first-out order. If your project has multiple job submitters, this is probably not what you want: users who submits lots of jobs would get more than their share of the project's capacity. BOINC has a set of mechanisms that address this issue. To use them, do the following:

Set the desired quotas for job submitters

Create a user account for each job submitter, and set their quotas.

Modify your job submission scripts or work generators

Wherever you create jobs - e.g. web scripts for remote job submission and work generators - you must set the priority of the jobs as follows:

  • Compute the total FLOP estimate (workunit.rsc_fpops_est) of the set of jobs.
  • Run adjust_user_priority to update and return the priority of the submitter:
    adjust_user_priority --user userID --flops X --app appname
    For example, in PHP:
    $cmd = "cd ../../bin; ./adjust_user_priority --user $user->id --flops $flops --app $app->name";
    $x = system($cmd);
    if (!is_numeric($x) || (double)$x == 0) {
       ... handle error
    $priority = (double)$x;
  • Set job priorities. For example, use the --priority option to create_work. Also, if you're creating a batch, set batch.logical_end_time to the priority (this is not used for scheduling, but is used in displaying batches on the web).

Prioritize existing jobs

If you have a lot of jobs already queued, you can prioritize them (and initialize user priorities) by running


This script can also be used to reset all priorities to zero.

Use the right feeder options

Run the feeder with the --priority_asc option.


  • Currently this can't be used in combination with the --all_apps option, or with homogeneous redundancy.
  • If there are any problems, remove the --priority_asc option and you'll be using FIFO again.
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