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Bossa is a software framework for distributed thinking - the use of large numbers of volunteers to accomplish a set of tasks via the Internet. Bossa accommodates a wide range of tasks:

  • Tasks may be short (performed online via a single web page) or may take several weeks and involve running separate programs.
  • Tasks may be performed by a single user or by a group of cooperating users.
  • Tasks may be unvalidated, automatically validated, or validated by comparing redundant instances.

Bossa consists of a MySQL database schema and a set of PHP pages. Projects install these components on their server, and add their own PHP scripts to generate, show, and handle tasks. Bossa uses BOINC Basics for grouping and communication, and can use Bolt for volunteer training.

Bossa is under development. For more information, contact David Anderson. See the reference manual? for details of the current implementation.