Software maintenance roles

These roles are described here.

role access rights hrs/week (est.) who
Client release manager github commit, isaac login, AppStore passwords 4 David Anderson
Win builder Win code-sign key, Installshield VM 2 David Anderson
Mac builder 2 Charlie Fenton
Android builder 2 ---
Debain/EPEL Linux maintainer 2 Laurence Field
Static Linux builder 2 ---
Client testing manager isaac login 4 David Anderson
Dependent library maintainer 1 ---
Wrapper maintainer 2 ---
Server VM maintainer 1 Christian Beer
Translation system manager transifex admin, github commit 1 Christian Beer
BOINC server admin isaac root login 1 David Anderson
Project list maintainer isaac login < 1 David Anderson
BOINC web site maintainer isaac login < 1 David Anderson
Security manager < 1 ---
Server release manager Coordinate the testing and designation of a updated server release 2 Laurence Field
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