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Each BOINC project and account manager exports a few configuration items via a web RPC; namely, it must provide an XML document at the address
This file is created by make_project, and in most cases you don't have to change it.

This document has the structure

    <name>Project name</name>
    [ <min_passwd_length>N</min_passwd_length> ]
    [ <account_manager/> ]
    [ <uses_username/> ]
    [ <account_creation_disabled/> ]
    [ <client_account_creation_disabled/> ]
    [ <rpc_prefix>URL</rpc_prefix> ]
    [ <error_num>N</error_num> ]
        [ <p_fpops>N</p_fpops> ]
        [ <p_iops>N</p_iops> ]
        [ <p_membw>N</p_membw> ]
        [ <m_nbytes>N</m_nbytes> ]
        [ <m_swap>N</m_swap> ]
        [ <d_free>N</d_free> ]
        [ <bwup>N</bwup> ]
        [ <bwdown>N</bwdown> ]
The elements are:

name Project name
account_manager If present, this is an account manager, not a BOINC project
uses_username If present, this project uses names (rather than email addresses) as the primary account identifier
account_creation_disabled If present, this project is not allowing creation of new accounts
client_account_creation_disabled If present, new accounts can be created only via the web (not via the client software).
min_passwd_length Minimum password length (for new account creation)
rpc_prefix Prefix to use for web RPCs, instead of the master URL.
error_num The project is currently down. A BOINC error number is returned.
system_requirements Hardware requirements for participating in this project. If a computer doesn't meet these requirements it may not get sent any work by the project. All requirements are 'net'; e.g. the CPU requirements are after factors like on-fraction, active-fraction, and resource share have been taken into consideration. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.
platforms A list of platforms for which the project has application versions. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.

The BOINC distribution includes a file html/user/sample_get_project_config.php that supplies reasonable default values for BOINC projects. To use this, rename it to get_project_config.php

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