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BOINC logo

The BOINC logo

The BOINC logo and associated icons were designed by Michal Krakowiak. Its arms represent the convergence of separated things (such as computers) into a unified whole. The colors are based on U.C. Berkeley's blue-and-gold colors. Icon: Installer splash screen: 'Powered by BOINC' image:

(always link this to http://boinc.berkeley.edu)



ArtistImages (click for hi-res version)
Robin Weezepoel
Jacob Klein

The old BOINC logo and related artwork

The 'B in a circle' icon was designed by Tim Lan. The Mac variant was contributed by Juho Viitasalo.


Landi Paolo

Logo proposals

ArtistImages (click for hi-res version)
Invisible Design ... and many variants in different sizes and colors, and for specific countries.
Michael Peele ,
Yopi at sympatico.ca
Markus Beck
Michal Krakowiak
16x16 icon:
Dario Arnaez
Eduardo Ascarrunz
Adobe Illustrator source
Jim Paulis ... and several variants
Markus Beck
... and various others
Keijo Simonen

Banners for BOINC projects

Jared Hatfield
Anthony Hern


Tony/Knightrider/Chuggybus has created BOINC coinage. See the large and small versions. The Latin text means 'Berkeley open and shared resources'.
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