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kaucerEither Country: Spain
Usual hours: Fins a nou avís, no podré atendre consultes regularment en dies laborables. Els caps setmana respondré totes les consultes qu
Specialties: Windows & +/-Linux
Projects: SETI@home, Einstein@home, Predictor@home, LHC@home, QMC@home. També segueixo més o menys de prop // También sigo más o menos de cerca:, Rosetta@home
17 ratings
SR. WHITEEither Country: Spain
Specialties: videospygame area 51 roswell.
Projects: investigation UFO
3 ratings
JanusEither Country: Mexico
Usual hours: Noches de los fines de semana. Weekend nights (Tiempo del Centro de México).
Specialties: Windows 98/XP/Vista
Projects: SETI@HOME
3 ratings
JAKERJORGEEither Country: Mexico
1 ratings
texaiEither Country: Peru
Usual hours: 9am ~ 1pm (GMT-5)
Specialties: windows / linux
Projects: SETI@home
2 ratings
Jordi SaludesEither Country: Spain
Usual hours: Coordinador de la plataforma SETI@home en España.
Specialties: Windows / Linux / OSX
Projects: Seti@home
10 ratings
cheperrou Country: Uruguay
Usual hours: 18hrs to 23hrs GMT (-3:00)
Specialties: windows/adsl
Projects: worldcommunitygrid
1 ratings
IdairaEither Country: Spain
Usual hours: 24h
Specialties: windows/nats
(no ratings)
kilouEither Country: France
Usual hours: all
Specialties: windows xp
Projects: not
1 ratings
JVanniniText only Country: Nicaragua
Specialties: Linux operative system
(no ratings)
ErnimanEither Country: Argentina
Usual hours: Lunes a Viernes de 9am a 18pm (UTC -03:00)
Specialties: Windows/Linux/VoIP/Firewall/NATs/Routers
Projects: SETI@Home
2 ratings
icapdevilleEither Country: Mexico
Specialties: Mac / Linux (Ubuntu)
(no ratings)
Matías DataEither Country: Argentina (no ratings)
Tanuki Either Country: Spain
Usual hours: Noches y ratos libres durante la semana, tanto correo como Skype
Specialties: Windows, Linux/GNU (NO MAC)
Projects: Actualmente Enigma@home Actually Enigma@Home
1 ratings
francisco javierEither Country: Spain
Specialties: windows
Projects: rosetta@home seti@home
(no ratings)
telejayEither Country: United States
Usual hours: 7:00-3:00 et
Specialties: windows
Projects: not yet
(no ratings)
jpb87Either Country: Argentina (no ratings)
InnisEither Country: None
Usual hours: Tuesday and Friday
Specialties: Windows and Linux.Send me an e-mail and i´ll answer as soon as posible :)
Projects: SETI@home, and Rosetta@home
3 ratings
easr97Either Country: Venezuela
Specialties: Windows, NATs, LANS
Projects: SETI at home
(no ratings)
sancospiEither Country: Colombia (no ratings)
majesticEither Country: United States
Usual hours: 24/7/356
Specialties: All
Projects: Aliens
(no ratings)
Maur Country: Mexico (no ratings)
Cluspi-SMYR2Either Country: Spain
Usual hours: 17:00 ~ 23:59 - European default (+0 hours)
Specialties: Linux and Windows servers, user management, etc...
Projects: Studying IT at Canary islands
(no ratings)
javier Country: Spain
Specialties: Windows
(no ratings)
ManarelloEither Country: Spain
Usual hours: 365
Specialties: windows 8
Projects: Alzheimer and Cancer.
(no ratings)
efectowertherEither Country: Spain
Usual hours: UTC +1, all days since morning to afternoon.
Specialties: Windows, matlab, C++, PHP,physics, laboratory analyst, programming lover.
(no ratings)
Dustin RText only Country: United States
Usual hours: EST, 15:00-24:00
Specialties: Windows
Projects: N/A
(no ratings)
MigAngHI Country: Mexico (no ratings)
Tmato Country: Spain (no ratings)

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