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MajorEither Country: Ukraine (no ratings)
skippy78Text only Country: Russia (no ratings)
shmaltorhbooks Country: Ukraine 1 ratings
AIDEither Country: United States 2 ratings
FomauseEither Country: International
Usual hours: GMT +3 15:00 - 23:00
Specialties: Windows/ help project SETI@Home
Projects: BOINC SETI@Home
1 ratings
_EfaEither Country: Russia (no ratings)
elite-admiralEither Country: Georgia
Usual hours: 13-16 h 24/7 d
Specialties: IT Department Manager
Projects: SETI@home
(no ratings)
talkstreamText only Country: Russia (no ratings)
raimisEither Country: Lithuania (no ratings)
pokemon1Either Country: Russia
Usual hours: moskow
Specialties: windows xp
Projects: qmc@home
4 ratings
nikelongText only Country: Ukraine
Usual hours: Когда я онлайн - мне можно писать. Это может быть любое время суток.
Specialties: Распределённые вычисления в любой форме. - Форум команды распределённых вычислений "Ukraine".
Projects: Пишите по любому из проектов BOINC. И по неБоинк тоже: маджестик-12, даймс, Фолдинг.
9 ratings
AGENTText only Country: Russia (no ratings)
BuonoEither Country: Russia
Specialties: Mac OS
(no ratings)
FRL-KEANE-RUSSIAEither Country: Russia
Specialties: Windows XP SP3
3 ratings
PlaseydosoEither Country: Russia
Usual hours: Обычно с 11:00 до 03:00 по Москве.
Specialties: Windows
Projects: SETI@home
(no ratings)
SkyText only Country: Russia
Usual hours: 10:00-18:00 GMT+7
Specialties: Linux/BOINC
Projects: Einstein@home
1 ratings
SatkumEither Country: Russia (no ratings)
TamagochEither Country: Ukraine
Usual hours: пишите в любое время, отвечу как только смогу, может даже сразу ;)
Specialties: BOINC под Windows, проблемы "с железом".
Projects: советы по выбору проекта для процессоров и видеокарт.
5 ratings
Tuba Country: Ukraine (no ratings)
3d_blastText only Country: Ukraine (no ratings)
AlexeyEither Country: Russia
Usual hours: 10 am - 10pm Moscow (GMC+3)
Specialties: Windows all and NET technology
Projects: SETI
(no ratings)
IgogoEither Country: Ukraine
Usual hours: Пишіть. Комп включений 24 години на добу. Скайп також (igogobus). Я в інвізі.
Specialties: Windows
Projects: SETI@home
4 ratings
slava392Either Country: Russia (no ratings)
Robert ArkeninText only Country: International
Usual hours: 3-5PM Eastern Time Mon-Fri (UTC: 20:00 to 22:00) Note that due to low bandwidth, I cannot take voice calls at this time.
Specialties: Windows, Linux intricacies, home/business LAN networking
Projects: None specific, bit I can handle all.
(no ratings)
vasilii27Either Country: Russia
Usual hours: vasilii27
Specialties: vasilii27
Projects: vasilii27
(no ratings)
sashenkaEither Country: Russia (no ratings)
MikhailAntonov Country: Russia (no ratings)
DenirEither Country: Ukraine
Usual hours: from Monday to Sunday - all day
Specialties: Windows
(no ratings)
fedor.dikarevText only Country: Russia (no ratings)
George SalukvadzeEither Country: International
Usual hours: 24/7
Specialties: Windows, Linux, Mac, Proxies, xDSL modems, Wi-Fi APs/routers, mobile networks
Projects: ATLAS@home, LHC@home, SETI@home, Enigma@home, GPUGRID, QNC
(no ratings)
gildingEither Country: Russia
Specialties: Windows
(no ratings)
fox_astronautEither Country: Russia
Specialties: windows
Projects: SETI@home
(no ratings)
Vitalii KoshuraText only Country: Ukraine
Usual hours: 07:00 - 22:00 UTC
Specialties: Windows, Linux.
(no ratings)
ArtemskiyEither Country: Ukraine
Usual hours: GMT +2
Specialties: Windows
Projects: Community Grid
(no ratings)
skamsk2 Country: Russia (no ratings)
Konan BarbarianEither Country: Russia
Usual hours: Moscow time zone (UTC+3)
Specialties: Windows
Projects: No
(no ratings)
GhostZero17Either Country: Ukraine
Usual hours: Usually at nite for my time zone.
Specialties: I use several computers with different operation system, my network do not use NAT.
Projects: I want in different project.
(no ratings)
Georgentus Country: International (no ratings)
IntellectualEither Country: Belarus (no ratings)
KostasEither Country: Russia (no ratings)

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