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If you're setting up a BOINC project, this is not the place to get help. Instead, try the boinc_projects email list.

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oberonText only Country: Iran
Usual hours: friday
Specialties: windows macrosoft
2 ratings
mariliaglvEither Country: Brazil
Usual hours: Monday to Friday(from 7am until 1pm) GMT-3 hours
Specialties: Windows
1 ratings
Pedro PaoEither Country: Portugal
Usual hours: Via email: always. Skype: we can schedule it by email.
Specialties: Microsoft Windows (all versions) TCP/IP
Projects: MalariaControl; Climate Prediction; LHC@home; Rosetta@home.
17 ratings
David1460Either Country: France
Usual hours: FR: Laissez moi un message au cas ou je ne suis pas la et je répondrait a mon retour PT: Deixe me uma mensagem ao caso ou eu n
Specialties: Windows toute version
Projects: SETI@home-SETI@home Beta Test-World Community Grid-ralph@home-rosetta@home-superlinkattechnion-BOINC alpha test
2 ratings
shelterEither Country: Brazil
Usual hours: From Monday to Friday
Specialties: Linux
Projects: no
3 ratings
Falconet Country: Portugal
Usual hours: Everyday!
Specialties: Windows, Proxies, Routers
Projects: World Community Grid, RNA World, Docking@home, POEM@home, Enigma@home, Milkyway@home, etc
3 ratings
AlieninsideEither Country: Brazil
Specialties: Windows
Projects: FreeHAL SETI
(no ratings)
Inhame Country: Brazil (no ratings)
stephanabs Country: None (no ratings)
HugoEither Country: Brazil (no ratings)
alh84001Either Country: United States
Usual hours: I am new to this, so until I get myself familiar with the system, I will be available from 8am to 2pm (monday till thursday) (U
Specialties: Mostly Windows
Projects: None yet. Just getting my feet wet.
(no ratings)
locoliveEither Country: Brazil (no ratings)
FeerGomezEither Country: Brazil
Usual hours: 15 h or 21h UTC −3 (horário de Brasília)
Specialties: Windows.
Projects: Not yet.
(no ratings)
JosikwylksonEither Country: Brazil
Usual hours: At weeekends
Specialties: Windows
1 ratings
Marcelo Country: Brazil (no ratings)
amidoes Country: Portugal
Usual hours: GMT at night
Specialties: Windows. Basic stuff
Projects: No
(no ratings)
Acacio SalgueiroEither Country: Brazil
Usual hours: Monday to Friday, 1h pm to 9h pm UTC -3
Specialties: Windows, Linux, proxy, Nat, Routers, TCP, Programming Languages
Projects: LHC, SETI, Rosetta, PrimeGrid, World Community, ClimatePrediction, Milkway, Einstein, others...
(no ratings)
agabrielluzEither Country: Brazil
Usual hours: 1-2 hours a Day.
Specialties: Windows and Linux.
Projects: No.
(no ratings)
pgzaoEither Country: Brazil
Specialties: Windows/Linux, Programming languages like java, javascript and php.
(no ratings)

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