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Myster65 - NGI - Net Gamers ItalyEither Country: Italy
Usual hours: Sera tutti i giorni / Soir tous les jours
Specialties: Windows.
Projects: SETI@home-Rosetta@home-ecc...
28 ratings
KidIcarusEither Country: Italy
Usual hours: Quasi tutti i giorni dalle 22.00 alle 24.00
Specialties: Windows
Projects: seti@home, rosetta@home, project tanpaku
1 ratings
arkmichaelEither Country: United States (no ratings)
RiuangelEither Country: Italy
Specialties: Windows and NAT
8 ratings
PoexesText only Country: Italy
Usual hours: In vari momenti durante la giornata.
Specialties: Windows
Projects: SETI, ABC, SHA-1 e altri
(no ratings)
FRA@ALEX Country: Italy
Usual hours: la sera dalle 22 alle 24
Specialties: windows
Projects: milkyway@home,qmc@home,einstein@home,cosmology@home
2 ratings
nirvana1289Either Country: None
Usual hours: I am sorry but I cannot be always online. Please, contact me with a message, I will reply you as soon as possible!
Specialties: Linux, HomeServer (remote control)
Projects: World Grid Community - Fight Chilhood Cancer, Cure Muscular Dystrophy, FightAIDS@Home, The Clean Energy Project
1 ratings
nadirEither Country: Italy
Specialties: Windows
(no ratings)
cassoEither Country: Italy
Usual hours: all
Specialties: Windows/Linux
(no ratings)
francofet Country: Italy
Specialties: Windows 8.1
(no ratings)
BarnypokEither Country: None
Usual hours: cYdRzp
Specialties: cYdRzp
Projects: cYdRzp
(no ratings)

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