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The follow email lists are available. Click to subscribe or post to a list. Because of spam problems, you must subscribe to a list in order to post to it. Make sure you post from the same email address under which you subscribed.

Note: These email lists do not provide tech support for SETI@home or other BOINC projects. Help for SETI@home is available on the SETI@home message boards and help for BOINC is available here.

boinc_projects For people developing and operating BOINC projects. Questions and problems involving BOINC API and server software. Announcements of upgrades and changes.
boinc_dev For people developing, debugging or porting the BOINC software (client, server, and Web). Do NOT post questions about how to use the software.
boinc_loc For people doing non-English translations of the BOINC GUI or web interfaces.
boinc_stats For people developing web sites showing statistics for BOINC projects.
boinc_cvs Summaries of changes to the BOINC source code are posted to this list. No other posts, please.
boinc_opt For people porting and optimizing BOINC applications.
boinc_helpers For BOINC Help Volunteers, to discuss policies and user problems.
BOINC team founders (Google group) Discussion of team-related issues.

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