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The follow email lists are available. Click to subscribe or post to a list. Because of spam problems, you must subscribe to a list in order to post to it. Make sure you post from the same email address under which you subscribed.

Note: These email lists do not provide tech support for SETI@home or other BOINC projects. Help for SETI@home is available on the SETI@home message boards and help for BOINC is available here.

boinc_projects For people developing and operating BOINC projects. Questions and problems involving BOINC API and server software. Announcements of upgrades and changes.
boinc_dev For people developing, debugging or porting the BOINC software (client, server, and Web). Do NOT post questions about how to use the software.
boinc_loc For people doing non-English translations of the BOINC GUI or web interfaces.
boinc_stats For people developing web sites showing statistics for BOINC projects.
boinc_cvs Summaries of BOINC CVS checkins are posted to this list. No other posts, please.
boinc_opt For people porting and optimizing BOINC applications.
boinc_helpers For BOINC Help Volunteers, to discuss policies and user problems.
BOINC team founders (Google group) Discussion of team-related issues.

Problems with email lists

Dec 2 2005: some people are reporting that their postings to these email lists never appear. Here's a reply from our system administrator:

My first guess is that the barracuda antispam system is matching their email address or email sending server to a DNSBL (blacklist) and dropping the message. We use several popular DNSBL's to either block or tag blatant spam (spamcop, spamhaus, etc.) The lists we use are usually pretty good at only listing blatant spammers, but sometimes valid addresses are listed for short periods until they can get delisted. This typically happens when a spammer is using an ISP with DHCP addresses -- the spammer gets caught, the dhcp address goes to someone else and that person gets screwed.

We could disable antispam filtering on your lists, but I wouldn't advise it as you'd get a lot more of spam. For instance, according to my count for the period 11/13 - 12/1, boinc_alpha list got around 58 valid messages, while the antispam system blocked another 85 messages. It's your call.

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