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Message 41535 - Posted: 9 Dec 2011, 4:28:33 UTC

whay not use program together whit seti@home in Boinc maneger? Love from Search Central Acros Network Navigate Energi Resourse - manuale employment. "Resurs" in Swedish you know. // Scanner Cicret

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Message 41537 - Posted: 9 Dec 2011, 11:10:32 UTC - in response to Message 41535.

Because BOINC (Manager) isn't just Seti@Home. It runs a lot more, so what are star plots going to get me when I run Correlizer, or LHC 1.0, or Enigma, or Leiden Classical? Just to give some examples.

So what you have there is a third party add-on, which you can install separately when you run just Seti. Such as SetiMapView (can also be used on Einstein and Astropulse).

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Message boards : Server programs : help seti@home fund faster

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