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Jeff Bakle

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Message 23290 - Posted: 25 Feb 2009, 11:52:40 UTC

When I update to 6.4.6, only one of my two CPUs are running WUs. I have one GPU running also. I went back to 6.6.9 and both of my CPUs are running WUs. Is there a resource issue?

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Message 23291 - Posted: 25 Feb 2009, 12:43:53 UTC - in response to Message 23290.  

6.4.6 is an update of 6.4.5 with fixes to the screen saver code. It will probably still need the flag in cc_config.xml when you want to use all CPUs plus the GPU.
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Message 23293 - Posted: 25 Feb 2009, 12:46:43 UTC - in response to Message 23290.  
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More than probably you have conflict issues between website profile settings and the local prefs. In 6.x there's an option to set the %, but in the global_prefs_override.xml there still could be the old X cores setting. Clear the local prefs and verify the website profile shows 2 cores and 100%. The logic I think is the least of the 2 and rounded down, thus 90% also translates to 1 core on a duo.

hmmm, quick check on BFS cc_config.xml page revised Feb.9,2009

Act as if there were N CPUs: run N tasks at once. This is for debugging, i.e. to simulate 2 CPUs on a machine that has only 1. Don't use it to limit the number of CPUs used by BOINC; use general preferences instead.

For use with CUDA: When you want to do CUDA only, not use the CPUs at all, set <ncpus>0</ncpus>
If you want to use all CPUs, either omit using this option, or set <ncpus>-1</ncpus>

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