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Message 7534 - Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 11:27:36 UTC

I'm trying to put together a script on a media PC that will suspend boinc when a show is being recorded, and resume boinc when the it stops recording. I'm almost there, but I can't get boinccmd.exe to run inside my script.

the script for suspend/resume goes something like this:

set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

objShell.Run "%comspec% /k d:\\progra~1\\BOINC\\BOINCCMD.EXE --set_run_mode never", 1, False

This is just the test script, but I can't get it to change the run mode - I keep getting "Authorization Failure: -155.

Is there something I can add after "--set_run_mode never" that authorizes access?

I can operate the command from a command prompt while in the boinc folder, so boinccmd works, I just can't get it to work from my script.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I'd be happy to share the script once it's complete.



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