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Message 7295 - Posted: 7 Jan 2007, 4:19:19 UTC

I don't know where to put this one - haven't seen this problem before - so here goes.

(AMD3200XP machine - Kubuntu v606 Linux - Boinc v5.4.11)

I have 15 Einstein WU's ready to upload & report - Einstein is down and so they won't upload or report.

I also have Malaria and Rosetta crunching on the same machine. They both have WU's waiting to report.

Both Malaria & Rosetta WU's will download & crunch new work and then upload finished units - but these same finished WU's just sit there waiting to report - they will not report.

I have suspended/no new work for Einstein.

I have tried to update Malaria & Rosetta but it looks like they will not report until Einstein can update.

Both Malaria & Rosetta show 'scheduler request pending' in the projects tab but no requests in the messages tab. I have rebooted shutdown & restarted Boinc, but nothing makes Malaria or Rosetta report. Plenty of WU coming down and uploading when finished - but won't report.

Several Malaria & Rosetta WU's expire in the next day or so - How do I make them report so I don't lose them?
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Aurora Borealis

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Message 7296 - Posted: 7 Jan 2007, 5:04:01 UTC
Last modified: 7 Jan 2007, 5:12:51 UTC

The fact that one project is down has no effect on the uploading and reporting of finished work from other projects. It is automatic. You can review the Reporting Process in the Boinc Wiki.
You can manually report finished work by selecting the project in the Boinc manager Projects tab and click update, Boinc will report any WU for that project that is ready to report and download extra work if needed. Its not instantaneous so give it a few minutes. If you look at your message log it will report what it is doing.

I am attached to 15 projects. 3 are currently off line or not supplying work. The other projects are merrily doing their thing without intervention from me. Boinc works best if you don't micromanage it.

Edit: Nothing can be done about the Einstein work until they get their servers working again.

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Message 7297 - Posted: 7 Jan 2007, 5:17:15 UTC

Thank you very much for the reply.

Yes normally I don't touch Boinc - I let it do it's own thing.

For the last 8 hours or so, since all the Einstein WU's finished and are waiting to upload, no other project has been able to report finished units, even though they have uploaded finished work and new work downloaded.

I have selected the projects individually in 'Projects' as mentioned in my previous post and updated them, but the request does not show up in messages. Only numerous messages about Einstein work units backing off xx hrs/mins before uploading.

The only Malaria or Rosetta messages are uploading or downloading work or pausing and swapping projects at the end of the 60mins periods.

I am attached to about the same number of projects on my 5 computers and have several projects down etc, but I have never come across this problem before.
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Message 7299 - Posted: 7 Jan 2007, 10:23:58 UTC
Last modified: 7 Jan 2007, 10:32:19 UTC

Hello teemac,

what you describe is indeed a very odd problem. Normally one project does not interfere with the network communications of another, just as Aurora Borealis has described it.

I'm attached to more than a dozen of projects including Einstein, Malaria and Rosetta and I also have a Ubuntu 6.10 box running BOINC 5.4.11 (edit: sorry, I confused it with the Windows version. I'm still running 5.4.9 on Ubuntu), but I have never experienced the bug you describe.

Please try the following:

- Make sure you can reach both Rosetta and Malariacontrol with your Browser for example, both projects should be up in the moment.

- Make sure your BOINC manager is set to 'always connect to the network' (to rule out any problems with settings in the preferences).

- Then I would recommend to stop Einstein in the 'projects' tab and try another manual 'update' of Rosetta and Malariacontrol. Please check in the 'messages' tab if the scheduler is contacted.

Hope this helps. If not, there would be one last straw: Detaching Einstein, but this would mean that you definitely loose all your Einstein workunits, which is why I would try to avoid it.

Good luck.

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Message 7302 - Posted: 7 Jan 2007, 11:47:21 UTC

You could always first try to exit BOINC completely (stop the daemon as well), then restart it. It might just be that glitch.

BOINC should report completed work at the first of:

1) The next work request from a project.
2) 24 hours before the deadline.
3) Immediately if the work is completed later than 24 hours before the deadline.
4) Connect every X days after the work is completed.
5) With the next trickle (CPDN only at this point).
6) When the user clicks update.
7) Connect every X days before the report is due. (new with 5.4).

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Message 7319 - Posted: 8 Jan 2007, 1:14:12 UTC

OK - Rosetta has several WU's still to do but Einstein is back up for a while - all work uploaded automatically to Einstein, then reported - then all other projects (Malaria & Rosetta) reported by themselves - problem over.

During the problem I could contact Malaria & Rosetta with the browser or any other Internet site, Boinc Manager set to 'always run' & 'network always available', Einstein was finished all it's work & ready to upload and report (also 'no new work') - still none of my commands getting through to the Messages tab. It is totally ignoring me.

As soon as Einstein came back on line, everything started working again.

Still don't know what it was that stopped the reporting.

Thank you to everybody who offered suggestions to try to solve this problem.
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Message 7322 - Posted: 8 Jan 2007, 10:00:40 UTC - in response to Message 7319.  

Did u try to suspend Einstein in the Projects tab? Those incessant 1 minute messages are a thorn in my side. I'd like for those to increase over time to for instance 5, 10, 15 min. etc as the 1 minuters soon push off any meaningful log info out of the message tab. As attached to a few projects, that go off the air 'frequently', it's the project suspending what i do if i happen to see it and try the next day again.

Separately, there are a few websites that collate the server statuses of many projects. U could keep an eye on that and resume a project when it reports being up again.

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