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Gerhard Klünger

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Message 7184 - Posted: 30 Dec 2006, 0:20:17 UTC

Setting up BOINC on 2006-12-22 on a PC with WinXP. This box is running 24/7, crunching in average 16 Rosetta units a day since then. All worked fine until 2006-12-28. The last two results were uploaded 20:32:06. At 21:58:52 the last new unit for crunching was downloaded - but apparently nothing else happened any more.

The whole 2006-12-29 not a single result was sent.

Opening BOINC mgr on 2006-12-29 near midnight from the task bar showed an empty manager: no tasks, no project. After a couple of seconds telling: "BOINC Manager kann sich nicht mit einem BOINC Client verbinden. Wollen Sie es erneut versuchen?"

I know this already. Shutting down THIS BOINC-mgr through file menu "beenden" and starting 'another' one from the autostart-menu. All works fine, next moment crunching is going on.

Inspection of eventviewer: I cannot identify anything harmful in applications / security / system except some redirector-warnings.

a) What makes a running BOINC-manager loosing the connection to the client after a week of smooth work?

b) Why the client is not going on crunching but behaves as if the manger would have been shut down via the file menu (but in fact is still runnning in the task-bar)?
Gruß, Gerhard
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Message boards : BOINC Manager : BOINC stops working on a running PC XP

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