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Message 77176 - Posted: 5 Apr 2017, 18:34:11 UTC
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Hi. I installed VirtualBox yesterday, and today I noticed there is a VM named "boinc_something" in it... I assume Boinc Mgr detected VBox and started downloading VM for it.

How do I disable this behavior? I don't want BoincMgr to use VBox. Just normal tasks under BoincMgr. And of course, I won't uninstall VBox since I need it for my work.

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Message 77178 - Posted: 5 Apr 2017, 19:50:04 UTC - in response to Message 77176.  

BOINC file cc_config.xml, documented in Client configuration options.

Use the setting

If set, don't run VirtualBox jobs. Requires a client restart, but does not cancel already downloaded jobs.
(Note that this is a feature of the BOINC client, rather than the Manager per se)
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Message 77181 - Posted: 5 Apr 2017, 20:22:28 UTC - in response to Message 77176.  

Aside from the option through cc_config.xml, as far as I know, as long as you do not run any project that (also) has work through a VM, BOINC won't load a VM into VirtualBox. So one of the projects you run must've loaded this VM, and normally you ought to be able to tell through the project preferences if you want to do so. Unless such project only runs tasks through VMs, but then you would know how come BOINC is using it.
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Message boards : BOINC Manager : how to disable automatic use of VirtualBox?

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