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Message 74568 - Posted: 4 Dec 2016, 8:04:37 UTC

With GPUGRID and another, I'm having difficulty downloading project files. Files start downloading, get a few % then stop. Eventually they time out and try again getting a few more %. Eventually they say - trying again in 5 hours or so it happens so many times. I have to keep pressing Retry Now every time to keep things moving. Lots of others are having the same problem with GPUGRID. Another one was also giving me problems as well, World Community Grid, but not as badly. All of the uploads go well every time. To help me get the large files, I put the transfer timeout to 5 seconds and wait to hit Retry Now over and over until I get enough work for a while. What are my options? Is there any way to prevent the download retry from becoming so long after repeated retries and eventually backing off? If I could just get a timeout then a retry immediately after, things would work. Maybe have a limit of 30 retries or something. That's usually enough times to get most files I'm having trouble with. Any suggestions?
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Message boards : BOINC client : Partial download problems

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